Speaking of numbers (like two and five and ten), Four is a very nice number. Did you know if you knot four pieces of embroidery floss together and start tying knots that begin with the shape of a 4, you can make a friendship bracelet to tie around your ankle?

It’s a newly learned skill. B is getting quite good at it. She’s even mastered the art of adding beads to it.

But that’s not the four I’m talking about. The four I’m talking about is this:

This is Salt, our Papa-bird (we think). For two weeks, he has been a busy bird indeed, keeping himself fed and Phoenix too (our Mama-bird), as she sits on her eggs and keeps them warm and only rarely leaves her post to get a drink of water. He’s been a devoted husband, tending to her every need and cuddling up beside her at night as society finches like to do.

Recently, Phoenix has been leaving the nest a whole lot more and Salt has been spending a whole lot more time nesting. Rarely do they leave the nest entirely, since the eggs need to be kept warm. But recently, something has changed. If you look very closely at the photo, you might be able to see it…

Here’s a better picture, taken when both Salt and Phoenix left the nest for a rare moment.

We’ve got babies! Four of them. Tiny and pink, with their eyes still sealed shut and their feathers not yet grown, they are the most adorable little itty bitty things you’ve ever seen. Their heads are as big as their bodies and they can only just barely sort of hold them up with beaks gaping wide in order to be fed. If you look closely, you can see the one unhatched egg still in the nest.

They are growing rapidly, changing day by day, and their parents are kept hopping trying to keep them fed and warm. Life with a newborn human is busy enough. Life with four who open their little beaks for food every twenty minutes or so around the clock? Salt and Phoenix are busy, busy birds these days!


4 thoughts on “Four

    1. No kidding! I’m going to remember it as a special part of my life too! It’s been so fun watching the babies, and watching the parents as they dote on them.


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