Christmas in July

It has begun. The collecting and deciding and stitching and fussing has begun. You see, I finally, finally finished stitching the tree skirt I started several years ago. It’s true! It’s done!

That tree skirt now has history, and it hasn’t even made it under the Christmas tree yet. Every year on the first of December, I drag out the boxes of Christmas decorations and transform our house into something altogether more decorated than it is the rest of the year. What can I say – I like Christmas! And every year, I find the bag that holds the tree skirt kit that I purchased oh so long ago and haven’t yet finished.

It mocks me, that tree skirt.

It sits there in its bag taunting me. Saying things like “you don’t need to finish that gift for your daughter. You can give it to her in January. Work on me instead. You need me. Without me, your tree looks… nekkid!”

Sometimes, I even listen.

Most of the time, I keep my focus on the gifts that need to be finished, but I have been known to take “breaks” from all my mad Christmas crafting and sewing and knitting to work on the tree skirt. Every year, it seems, I get one more section done before it gets swept up in the January clean-up and goes back in the box for another year.

Not this year.

This year, I kept it out.

This year, it sat on the mantle above the fireplace and taunted me daily. Finally, sometime in March, I had time to work on it in a serious way. And so, with a little daily sewing, huge progress was made. Eventually, life got in the way and the tree skirt found itself ignored once more until very recently.

It may have been a little strange to be stitching Christmas trees on Canada Day, but it was so close to being done… all that was left was to stitch half a hundred tiny felt pine trees with even tinier felt snowy bits. Have you ever tried stitching tiny felt snowy bits on tiny little trees on a hot summer afternoon in July? I wouldn’t recommend it. It isn’t the least bit refreshing.

But now the tree skirt is done. Done! I can add it to the list of finished objects. I can admire it as it sits on the table. I can dream about December first and putting it under the tree.

So there I was on the second day of July, with a few minutes of idle time on my hands and no more mineature clumps of snow to stitch… what to do? What to do?

Why, start another one, of course! Aren’t the little trees cute, all covered in snow and sequins?



4 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. Dear Andi,
    Put down that sharp needle and back slowly away from the snow sequins. Maybe you could make a quick little apron or a matching set of gardening garters, but you should under no circumstances, even if it seems dire, start another tree skirt in July. That path leads to madness. Go down a new path. Or maybe get off the path and have a stiff drink. Your choice!


    1. Is it still bad if it isn’t a tree skirt? And really, you’ve been in Scotland too long already if you think the solution to excessive Christmas crafting is having a stiff drink.
      Love you!


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