Two is a very nice number…

A while ago, we acquired a new member of the family: Snowball, a tiny white and brown society finch. Sadly, Snowball fell ill with some sort of respiratory thing and he now lies beneath the silverleaf dogwood in the backyard, his eternal resting place marked with a small stone plant marker that bears his name and the year and was well watered with tears.

After a few days, talk turned towards what to do with the bird cage. It couldn’t stay empty, after all. That just wouldn’t be right. And so, after a suitable amount of time, we started thinking about what sort of bird we would get next. In the end, we decided on another society finch, for we had liked Snowball oh so very much.

However, a trip to the pet store threw a small wrench into our plans, for there were two little brown and white society finches that we liked, and two little kids with wide pleading eyes in their freshly scrubbed faces, and two parents with hearts far softer than they should be by times…

…and so we have two.

Two new society finches grace the cage that once held Snowball, and they’ve settled in quite nicely. They chirp happily to each other, less lonely, perhaps, than Snowball was in his oneness. Two is a very lovely number, after all.

Two can chat together. Two can dine together. Two can sit side by side on a perch, or snuggle up tight in the little green nestbox that sits near the top of the cage.

Two is a very nice number…

Too nice, perhaps. What you cannot see in this picture…

…are the two little eggs that have suddenly appeared as if by magic.


A very nice number indeed.


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