Green growing things

For the past few years, we’ve planted a small vegetable garden and enjoyed a few yummy edibles from our own backyard. This year, we’re going crazy with planting, and all sorts of things are starting to pop up.

A lot of things were started from seed in our little greenhouse. A bunch more things, like the sweet peas shown above, were sown directly outdoors once the soil warmed up, in raised beds, in regular beds, and in pots. Some are still quite small, like the cauliflower and the winter squash, though they are progressing nicely. Or rather, they were until the rabbit decided to have a nibble — now I’m not so sure we’ll get any squash this year. Others, like the tomatoes, are already large enough to require a little extra support.

We’ve made a few commercial plant purchases too — mostly of things that need a longer growing season than we can give them without coldframes or a proper seed-starting set up with grow lights and warming mats (both of which are on my Christmas list this year).

And there was even a surprise or two. The garlic I had forgotten about, planted last fall. And this little guy, cheerfully setting his roots in a corner of the raised bed:

Parsley is a perrennial? Who knew!


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