The very best cakes

We like to bake around here, and we bake a lot, but rarely do we bake more than one thing on a single day. Most of the time, we stick to a single recipe at a time. In part because the more we bake, the more we have to eat. Wait… is that a bad thing? LOL!

The simple truth of it is that I am not well, certainly not as well as a Mama to two energetic kids might wish to be, and most of the time I can only handle one batch of baking every few days without wearing myself out. Every so often though, when the stars align just so, we go on a baking binge. About a week ago, we had just such a binge, with very delicious results.

One classic chocolate cake, rich and oh-so-chocolatey, baked up in a bundt pan because cakes shaped like donuts are always fun.

One carrot cake, moist and spicy, to be spread with a classic lemon cream cheese icing as soon as it cools.

And one batch of rainbow cupcakes, because if rainbow cakes are good, rainbow cupcakes are even better.

Rainbow cupcakes

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