The Joy of Colour

B is a colourful kind of girl. She likes large collections of markers and crayons, chalk that looks like rainbows, and the oddest, most eye-popping assortment of fat-quarters of quilting cotton that you’ve ever seen.

Trust me, I know. And when I say eye-popping? I truly mean it. Truly. My eyes have been popping out of my head for days and days now… because I’ve been making her a quilt out of the fabrics of her choice.

“I want a quilt for my bed,” she told me a few weeks ago when I asked what she wanted for her birthday. “A turquoise one.”

Okay, I thought. I can do that. I’m not a fabulous quilter by any means, nothing like my grandmother Rita’s mad crazy talent for it, but I can put something simple together, just so long as I remember that I can’t quilt in anything but straight lines. (Yet. I do mean to learn one of these days.)

A turquoise quilt? Definitely do-able.

A dig through my stash and a trip to the fabric store later, B was happy with her choices of fabrics and I was staring at the explosion of colour in the craft room and wondering how on earth I was going to make it all come together.

Because it most definitely wasn’t a nice, uniformly hued batch of turquoise that was sitting on the table waiting to be cut into strips and squares. Oh no, not for my girl. Instead, I was faced with two adorably cute little-girl prints, three shades of pink, two of purple, four different blues, three of turquoise, a pastel rainbow stripe, and an apple-green check to round it off.

Since apple-green check goes with everything, after all.

What to do? What to do? Dive in, I guess, and see what comes of it.

Here’s a pic in progress:


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