We like watching birds. We watch Snowball, our pet society finch. We watch the birds in the woods when we go on walks. And we watch the many fine-feathered birds who visit our feeders daily. Lately, there’s been a lot of bird-related crafting going on, and it’s been super-fun.

First, there was this:

B made it at school, out of scraps of fabric pasted into a birdy collage. She says it’s a cardinal, and within days of it finding a home on display in our craft room, a mating pair of cardinals started visiting the feeder in the backyard. Coincidence? Maybe… but whatever it is, it’s been a lot of fun. The cardinals are a beautiful pair, one so brightly feathered, the other slightly less so, but both equally enthusiastic as they zoom around the yard, caught up in the romance of the season.

The next bird craft to find its way into our hands was this:

bird feeder

It’s a bird feeder, built by K and B at their new workbench, from a kit from Home Depot or Lowe’s, I don’t remember which. The kit came with all the pieces already cut to size, perfect for kid-sized building. It has a roof, too, which you can’t see in this picture, to keep the seed dry when it rains. Oh and the colours? B chose them. She likes yellow, she informed me. But not as much as she likes blue. 

She plans to paint a bird on the side, or maybe a bird on each side, it’s hard to know these things until you do it.

She became so enthusiastic about the idea of painting birds on the bird feeder, but worried about getting it just right, so she made a practice run using a foam tray from the grocery store.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

So when tasked with coming up with ideas for birthday gifts for his sister, what was an almost 10 year old young man to do for his bird-loving sister?

Build her a bird house, of course, and paint it blue.

My darling B, never, ever doubt how much he loves you.

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