A solitary pepper

This winter, I had vague ideas of keeping a few edible things growing in the sun room right near the window. I knew the winter sun wasn’t likely to be strong enough, and I completely forgot about the essential polinating effect of bees until after a few things had flowered and faded with no fruits in sight, but eventually I caught on to the need for hand pollination and winter turned towards spring, bringing with it slightly stronger sunlight and things started looking up.

The herbs were, as herbs tend to be, content to grow quietly and slowly. The beans grew and threew out leaves and flowers, as did the cucumber, though they remained thin and leggy. Had I realized the need for hand pollination, they might have been more exciting but instead, by mid-December, they were a lost cause.

But the peppers! Oh, the peppers. They grew achingly slowly up until February. So slowly, in fact, that I wasn’t sure they were actually growing as much as just standing still and pretending to not be dead. But then, in a sort of crazy Valentine’s miracle, one of the pepper plants bloomed.

And, even greater miracle, I realized I had to pollinate it. Armed with a paintbrush, I carried pollen from one little flower to another until the flowers dropped and I thought to myself “At least they’re still alive. Maybe I can transplant them into the garden in a couple of months”.

But then I saw this:


It’s a pepper. A single, solitary green pepper in the midst of a wealth of healthy green leaves. It’s slightly crooked, and not very big as of yet, but I have faith.

And I have a pepper.


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