Little sprouts

It’s that time of year again when green growing things start popping up in the most unexpected places. Around here, that means the sun room just off the kitchen, where we eat the majority of our meals.

It’s true. Green things are growing in our sun room. Again.

And, as is true for many little things that grow, they’re getting bigger in a hurry. Take these, for example:


Seven days or so before this photo, these were tiny little seeds almost too small to handle, carefully planted and watered and misted and inspected for growth. Each day brought with it a careful peek inside the little greenhouse in our sun room to see if anything had happened, and a squirt or three of the plant mister (and often as not, an impatient huff of a sigh when no little green specks could be found).

Four days later, the first little sprouts could be seen, tiny little buds of green just barely even a millimetre high. The first hint of growth always brings with it a sense of relief, and joy, and wonder. That we put a tiny speck of brown that Mama assured us was, in fact, a seed (even though it looked like bits of pepper, or maybe the stuff you sweep off the floor). We also stuck a few beans and peas and other more recognizable things in the dirt at the same time, though how a shriveled up old pea has a whole new plant in it is anybody’s guess. We planted and patted and watered and waited…

…until the magic happened.

A bare week after that, leaves are distinct and things are getting taller.

A month later? A jungle. Truly. A veritable jungle of growth bursting out of flats and pots and begging to be planted in the garden.

It started out here, with the squash…


The peas were very happy too:


But the true kings of the jungle are the pole beans. A heritage variety, a bountiful performer, they’re anxious to get outdoors and be planted, I think. Or maybe they are just having a contest to see who can grow the tallest:


They’ve infected the kids with their positive growth attitude: new shoes and pants are rapidly becoming a necessity. All I have to do is look to my brother to know with absolute certainty that my kids will be taller than I am. At the rate they’re going, it won’t be long now.

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