It’s snowing!

After almost two weeks of spring-may-be-on-its-way weather, we woke up this morning to copious amounts of snow racing down from heaven to coat everything in touches in a thick layer of fluffy white. The snowflakes are enormous this morning. Great big huge clumps of smaller snowflakes clustered together in irregularly shaped lumps, and they are traveling fast. No gentle drifting downwards for these beasts!

Yesterday, the pavement was clear of snow and there were spots where you could find grass and even bare ground. We worried about the skating rink at the park — would there be many days of decent skating left if the weather kept up this warming trend? Almost every day, B pointed out that we needed to make sure we got out skating before we lose the chance. Winter is almost over, after all!

Silly girl. Don’t you know Winter always fools us? Here in Ottawa, Winter won’t release its hold over our city until Easter. It isn’t all that unusual to get a false spring, but the sap won’t be running quite yet, though the trees are visibly starting to prepare. The hard little nubbins that will become new leaves have started to appear and the tips of the branches are slowly putting on new wood.

The sunset maple on our front lawn has acquired a dark red cast where both buds and new wood have grown, and the neighbour’s crabapple is suddenly looking spiky, though it is only a profusion of buds just barely starting to poke through. Spring is coming. Just not quite yet.

Later today, the snow is supposed to turn to ice, which should make driving treacherous. Hopefully the icy stage won’t last long, and our poor trees won’t find themselves covered in a thick layer of suffocating ice heavy enough to drag them down to the ground. We’ve done that before, and while it is spectacularly beautiful – the kind of beautiful that makes for a lovely coffee table book of eerily otherworldly photographs, the aftermath isn’t pretty at all.

But in the meantime, we’re going to enjoy the snow!


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