Love is in the air…

Yesterday, I posted about our PG-13 Valentine’s cookies and the fact that we came home from Grandpan’s party on Saturday with only 4 cookies left.

This was a problem.

This was a very big problem.

You see, today is Valentine’s Day, and we are out of cookies! This is serious. So last night, I baked more. And then, since PG-13 cookies are way more fun when you share them (and since I had a curious friend begging to know exactly what I meant by PG-13 cookies), I baked 5 dozen more. They have yet to be decorated – we’re having that same friend and one of her daughters over later for a cookie decorating extravaganza.

Hopefully by the end of the night, we’ll have a whole new set of lingerie lounging about the counter.

As supper bubbled away in the crock pot, and cookies cooled on the counter, K and I baked a cake. A vanilla cake, with a vanilla cream cheese icing, because that seemed the thing to do. Tomorrow while the kids are at school, I think I’m going to write something like this on it, because while we do love cake that much, we love each other that much more.

It’s true.

We often play a game we call the Love You game. It goes like this. I say something like “I love you more than there are stars in the sky!” and the kids chant back the same response every time: “I love you more than that!”

They used to spend precious long seconds looking around them to find something really big they could use in their own “I love you more” sentences, but then sneaky Miss B figured out she could simply love me more.

Now, they both merely love me more, usually with a very blasé tone of voice (though every so often K loves me infiniti plus infiniti, since infiniti is such a cool concept to a boy of a certain age) and I find myself going out of my way to find the most outrageous thinks to love them more than in hopes of getting at least a hint of a smile.

But I must admit, no matter how cool and sophisticated they pretend to be as they announce as a matter of fact that “I love you more than that,” I can’t help but think baby, you have no idea.

Because I love them more than that.


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