Valentine Bums

Oh my goodness, has it been so long already since the last post? We’ve been busy around here, and loving every minute of it. First there were potato pancakes, recipe courtesy of the Joy of Cooking:

They were delicious.

Next, there was a little clay crafting with air-dry clay from the dollar store:

And of course our favourite granola bars. Lots and lots of granola bars.

There was also some sewing – K got new striped made-by-Mama pyjama bottoms. (B’s are coming eventually). Some knitting – a lace patterned sock for me (yes, really! I’m crafting for myself for once!) using stretchy sock yarn I received from one of my dear sisters-in-law for Christmas. Playdates with friends, and skating at the rink, and building snow forts in the backyard.

And then there was the baking of several dozen Valentine’s cookies for Granpan’s St Valentine Lovely Winter Party. Mmmm cookies! And not just any cookies, either. PG-13 cookies! The other day I read this blog post over at How Does She? and I knew right that instant that I had to make us some PG-13 cookies. So I did.

About 5 dozen of them. Once the cookies had cooled, B helped me mix up several different colours of royal icing and we all got busy decorating. And decorating. And decorating. Then after the kids went to bed, this Mama kept decorating and decorating and decorating until her neck was stiff and her fingers were covered in a thick layer of sugary icing in all sorts of colours.

But it was worth it.


They were a huge hit at Grandpan’s party. One of my 3 year old nieces kept running around yelling “Bum-bum cookies!” and the adults kept glancing around surreptitiously every time they took a bite to see if anyone had noticed their choice of colours (or maybe anatomy), and K told anyone who would listen that the cookies were PG-13 just like a movie. To my great surprise, at the end of the night, out of 5 dozen cookies, there were only 4 left.

And none of the leftovers were PG-13.


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