The only thing better than a winter weekend is a winter weekend when it snows, and snow it did! Saturday morning we set out for lessons amidst gentle flurries that had us all wondering if the snowfall was going to be worth it, or if it was just going to turn into one of those miserably cold blustery weekends where you hide inside for hour upon hour, driving your sister crazy or bouncing around the house like a rubber ball with far too much energy to spare.  Saturday lessons ended with a quick trip to the library and a very chilly walk home, hiding our faces from the wind and admiring each other’s rosy pink cheeks and snowflake-tinged lashes. We turned it into a movie-watching, bubble-bath-taking, story-reading, Lego building kind of day.

We like Lego.

The lego explosion

That’s the blue Babette blanket I made a few years back in the lower left-hand corner, thanks to dear friends who were willing to play along when I said “Come celebrate my birthday with me! Oh, and if you’re considering a gift, not that I need gifts, buy me yarn in ocean-y colours.” They did, and I got enough for a Babette blanket in the most luscious blues and turquoises you’ve ever cuddled up under. But there I go, getting distracted by yarn again. Back to Lego.

We like Lego a lot. You probably guessed that, judging by how much of it we’ve managed to acquire over the last few years. We’ve been blessed with friends and relatives who are happy to give gifts of Lego at birthdays and Christmasses and on Tuesdays just because. The kids have been known to spend their hard-earned pennies on Lego too. Because we obviously don’t have enough of it.

Saturday, we brought all the bins and tubs of Lego upstairs and dumped them out so we could really, really play with Lego. We are usually so very much more restrained in our Lego-ness, searching through the rainbow bins for the few pieces we need, but with the snow flurrying down outside our windows, it just felt like the sort of day for an indoor flurry to match. A rainbow-coloured flurry of Lego, but hey, who’s counting?

For two days, and through three playdates, the kids have played with Lego. They’ve built towers and bridges and tables and chairs and kitchens and Star Wars robots, and roads, and cars, and RVs and much, much more. It was as if opening up the Lego bins and pouring them out unleashed a torrent of creativity that just can’t be found when Lego is neatly organized into bins. As if young minds that have been holding themselves in some sort of relatively tidy order needed the shockingly messy chaos of Lego strewn all over the floor as far as the eye could see to remind them that there is more to life than little bins or orderliness, brightly coloured as they may be.

Even as the world around us was being blanketed in a uniform white, we needed to feel the bright chaotic sense that the world around us is somewhat random and always interesting and full of little treasures if you look close enough. Here, a mini-figure you haven’t seen in a while. There, a uniquely shaped piece that’s meant to be a sea serpent’s tail but would be really, really good if you attached it to this space ship just so. And look! Over here! It’s a scuba diver, but where is his head? No matter, I’ll just use this one instead (there were quite a few decapitated minifigs floating around for some reason).  

And what was this Mama doing while all this Lego building was going on?

I got down on the floor and built a Viking ship, of course.

We like Lego a lot around here.

I’ll tell you more about Sunday tomorrow.


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