Vroom vroom!

Remember the Pirate Santa stocking I made for my sister? My brother got one too. A stocking, that, is, not a Pirate Santa. He’s not a pirate sort of guy. He’s more of a motorcycle-riding-santa sort of guy. Like this:

Motorcycle Santa stocking

I’m so pleased with how he turned out! All those little holly leaves were time consuming to emroider and then attach, but they were worth it! As was all the dimensional work, with bits and pieces sticking out all over the place. Santa’s arm is free-standing, holding on to the handle of his bike. Doesn’t he look awesome in those shades and that leather vest?

Santa close up

But my favourite part of all has got to be Rudolf. Wearing shades.

Santa's toy bag with rudolf in sunglasses

The kids? B likes the little bear popping out of Santa’s sack of toys. K? Well, he’s a boy. A nine year old boy. Santa, in sunglasses, on a motorcycle. A motorcycle that says Vroom! on it. He just likes the whole darn thing and has already started his Christmas list for next year:

  1. A christmas stocking, just like Uncle M’s.
  2. A motorcycle.
  3. A real motorcycle. For real.

(Santa, take note!)


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