Shhh… It’s a Surprise!

A little girl we know and love is turning three, and we have some surprises for her! Her party is today, and in a few minutes, she’ll be opening this:

Mixed media acrylic and felt embroidered hoop

Last Christmas, her cousin received a forest hoop to hang on her wall (loosely based on Finn’s Forest by Melissa, blogging at Checkout Girl and on Etsy at Little Pink House) and this almost-three-year-old niece of ours was crushing on it and kept trying to take it home. Later that spring, B got a forest hoop of her own, and when our niece overnighted at our house last weekend, she kept wanting to take it down off the wall. Little did the almost-three-year-old know, in the room next door, a hoop of her very own was waiting.

The ocean hoop is a mix of acrylic paint on tie-dyed cotton and appliqued felt shapes, and I had a lot of fun making it. I’m not sure the dolphin turned out as dolphiny as I would like, but the kids and I agree — the killer whale (which K is quick to point out is not a whale at all but a dolphin) and the little sailboat bobbing in the waves are Absolutely Perfect.

Happy Birthday darling girl!

UPDATE: Both B and the party girl fell sick this past weekend and the party has been postponed, but I forgot this post was set to post automatically while we were there so as not to spoil the surprise. (oops!) So… keep the secret for just a little longer, would you please? She’ll be getting her ocean soon. Thanks ever so much! ~A.


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