Two Minutes…

Today, we are observing two minutes of silence here in our nation’s capital. This morning, we will be downtown at the War Memorial watching the pipe band march in with our veterans, and our Governor General speak, and wreaths being laid. We will observe two minutes of silence in between gun salutes to remember those who have given so much of themselves to keep us safe and sound here at home. We go today to remember that war injures more than just the body; kills more than just our corporeal form. We go today not just to remember Canada’s fallen in battle, but also to remember those who didn’t fall until long after they got home; those who bore the scars of their injuries deep within their souls until finally the life that was left to them was too much to bear, and so they didn’t. And we go today to thank all those Canadians who are still serving their country, both at home and abroad, regular force and reservists, who shout loud and clear every day that Canada and her people is a cause worth fighting for.

When it is done, we will lay our poppies among many on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier before making our way home. It seems like such a little thing to do. Terry Kelly says it well:

What will you be doing today?


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