The first snow

Remember that photo of falling snow lit up by the streetlight? Here’s the same scene 12 hours later:

Yup. Snow. On the ground. On Halloween. Unlike the last two snowfalls so far this fall, this one actually stuck around, dropping more than 5cm of snow on the ground.

As much as I hate to admit it, snow is… fun. Snow hides everything. Familiar details and colours get lost under a thick blanket that rounds all edges and lets you forget what, precisely, lies just over there in the garden. You know, where that roudish lump now stands. Is that the baby burning bush? The spirea? A bucket forgotten outdoors? Impossible to tell.

And, snow reveals things, too. The paths we actually walk, compared with the paths we think we’ll take when we are planning our landscaping. The paths other creatures take when we aren’t looking. Like this one:

Snow makes colours pop. Autumn’s harmony of shades becomes singularly spectacular against a backdrop of snow:

And snow has the singular power to get kids outside bare minutes after the sun has crested the horizon, filling the air with shrieks of delight and moments of quiet industry.

The noise soon drew the neighbour kids over for a few hours of snowy fun and hot chocolate and cookies, eaten outdoors on chairs made of snow, of course (though having a snack can be difficult when you’re wearing a balaclava).

As I watched them play and build in the yard, six little bodies in a bright rainbow of snowsuits making forts, throwing snowballs, and playing make-believe, my heart felt wide open. The first snowfall of the season brings with it so much joy and laughter and peace.

And snowmen.


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