Halloween… is coming. I keep getting reminded of that fact by the short people in this house. Whether I am ready or not, Halloween is almost here. So, we had better get ready!

We haven’t got our pumpkins yet, though that is on the agenda for this weekend. There is a little place just down the road from us that sets up tables and tables of pumpkins every fall.

They are on the way to the library, and the grocery store, and the bakery, so we pass them often. Most of the year, all you see is a small stretch of grass, a plain grey parking lot, and several large storage buildings looming over each other in the back, a small farmhouse tucked up against them like the baby sister. Plain and boring looking, the only thing that might catch your attention (especially if you are a boy under the age of five) is the variety of tractors and loaders parked in the lot.

Until October.

Sometime in late September or early October, the parking lot sprouts a dozen or more tables covered in pumpkins ranging in size from the most adorably cute little gourds for your table all the way up to pumpkins that overflow the sides of the wagon you are using to drag the beast home. You just know fall is here when the pumpkins appear, and Halloween with it.

While we haven’t got our pumpkins — yet — we have been getting ready, both inside:

The dining room

dining room left side

dining room centre

dining room right side

and out:

spider webs on the font porch

The kids decorated the porch all by themselves, which means the spider webs only go up as high as K could reach, but I think they did a fabulous job on the webs. We’ll probably add more before Halloween, and of course there will be pumpkins.

We like pumpkins.


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