Halloween lanterns

I keep seeing these gorgeous little Halloween lanterns all around the blogosphere, made from empty glass jars, tissue paper, Mod Podge, and fancy vinyl cutouts using fancy vinyl cutout-making machines, and I am totally in love. They are just so darned cute!

What’s a mother to do when she finds an oh-so-cute crafty project and just happens to have several empty baby food jars and jam jars hanging around her craft room? Why, make Halloween lanterns of course!

The project was super easy and would be fun to do with kids as young as two, provided they are past the stick-glue-covered-brushes-in-my-mouth phase. Bigger jars would probably have been better, but the little baby food jars were easy to manage and still turned out cute. Instead of computer-cut vinyl faces, we just drew on the jars with Sharpie markers after they were dry.

We wound up making five lanterns in all: three green monsters, one jack-o-lantern, and one ghost. They look super-cute sitting on the dinner table with a tea-light candle in them, but for Halloween itself we’ll switch the candles out for the flameless kind for safety’s sake.

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