Pantry v.2

Remember the pantry? The one that suffered a mouse invasion? Once it was completely emptied, I noticed that it had never been painted anything other than the original boring builder’s white paint from when the house was built. After eight years of living, the pantry was looking a little… tired. And scruffy. And mismatched, what with the three different kinds of shelf paper on the shelves.

I pulled all the shelf paper off, which was a good start, but it took some of the paint off with it, leaving the pantry looking even more tired. And scruffy. And maybe even a little abused.

So I painted.

Need I mention that this was totally unplanned? Or that I have a distinct aversion to spending money on buying supplies for projects when I have something that might make do? (Or that, with the contents of the pantry taking up every inch of counterspace including the flat-top stove, there was no way to cook, so time was of the essence?)

So now the pantry looks like this.

Pantry redecorated - pink walls and green shelves

It doesn’t show up very well in the picture, but the walls are light pink. The same pink, in fact, that graces the walls of my office. B helped me paint it, alternating between using a small roller and an even smaller paintbrush, and we bonded while painting and listening to tunes and getting covered in pink paint.

The menfolk, on the other hand… Well, I’m sure you can imagine the reaction I got from the menfolk in the house when they realized I was painting our pantry pink.

It went something like this.

“You’re painting!”


“It’s pink!”


“Is the whole thing going to be pink?”



Except as many plans do, this one went awry, and Plan Pink soon morphed into Plan What Other Half-Empty Cans Of Paint Do We Have Lying Around? As luck would have it, I had just enough pink to finish the walls, but that left the shelves, now stripped bare of their shelf paper and looking rather desperately in need of resuscitation. What to do?

The Burnt Toast colour from the family room? Too dark, and too wierd against the pink. More pink, but a different shade? Too saccarine. White? Hmm, not enough left in the can.

Celery green. From the garage (yes, we have a celery green garage. It’s beautiful, in a garage-y sort of way).

I think it makes the pantry look rather spring-like, sort of like an oversized striped Easter egg. Miss B loves it. K is reserving judgement. And The Man We Call Dad’s reaction?


Well, we can always close the door.


3 thoughts on “Pantry v.2

    1. Thanks! It really is pretty and bright and spring-like, and feels so much nicer than the dingy white with mismatched shelves that was there before.


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