The pantry

When we first bought this house, one of the things that sold us on it was the enormous walk-in pantry in the (also enormous) kitchen. It was love at first sight… and second… and third… and it is still one of my favourite features of the house eight years later.

Today, my pantry looks like this:

A very empty pantry

And my kitchen counters look like this:

Kitchen counters piled high

All because of a mouse. Or maybe more than one mouse.

It’s that time of year when the leaves change, the air turns nippy, and all the little critters start to get rather frenzied in their quest to pack away huge stores of food for the winter. Inevitably, that means mouse invade the house.

After the last invasion, we carefully sealed up every crevice we could find where mice could be getting in. A little research revealed that mice need an astonishingly small crevice to make themselves comfortable in your home. They prefer holes the size of a quarter, but they are able to make do with the amount of space found between the slats of the floor vents. So we sealed up any space we could find that was larger than a quarter inch and crossed our fingers that we had done a good enough job.

Apparently we didn’t.

So today, instead of spending a relaxing post-Thanksgiving dinner day playing on the Wii and doing fall chores in the garden and knitting, I’ve been cleaning and scrubbing and mopping and inspecting the pantry. And, as much as I hate using the stuff regularly, since mice can carry the hanta virus which causes severe respiratory illnesses in humans, I’ve also envelopped the pantry in a toxic cloud of Lysol disinfectant spray.



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