Nature walks improve learning

There is a short yet interesting article over at Planetsave on how nature walks improve learning.

I found it interesting how they specified that city walks — walks through dense urban areas — do not have the same effect. That it is not the act of walking that has a positive effect, but rather the immersion in a natural environment.

I’ve always recognized my need for spending time outdoors, surrounded by trees and birds and other creatures, especially when I was living in an apartment. I used to walk to work not along the sidewalk but cutting through the park-like grounds of St Paul’s that bordered the river on one side, looking for tadpoles and little fish and other signs of life. Even now, I often choose to walk through the ravine on my way to places rather than taking the easier path along the side of the road. I wonder if it would be worth it to start going out of our way on the way to school each morning, just so we can revel in the beauty that is the forest in fall before the kids are stuck inside for the next six hours.

Food for thought.


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