What we’re reading

Lately we’ve been reading the Dragon Slayer Academy series, by Kate McMullen. We’ve been reading it in french, but in either language it is a quick, fun read with a great main character. Wiglaf is a young boy who decides to attend the Dragon Slayer Academy (accompanied by his talking pet pig — who speaks in pig latin, of course) even though he has a weak stomach. So weak a stomach, in fact, that the sight of his fellow students practicing stabbing a cloth and hay-bale mockup of a dragon is enough to make him queasy.

It isn’t just the main character who is, well, a character. Many (if not all) of the characters in the book are eccentric to say the least, and the kids are thoroughly enjoying getting to know them.

"Le nouvel élève" book cover

We’ve also been reading many books on space and astronomy over the past week or so — ever since we looked through the telescope and saw Jupiter and four of her moons, and then looked at our own moon for comparison. Looking through the telescope is always an adventure, but looking at a planet and its moons is truly something special and we enjoyed it immensely and have been reading all about our solar system and the universe around us ever since.


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