A mitten morning

This morning dawned bright and clear, and the familiar clear blue sky was a very welcome sight after so much rain in September. Over the weekend the neighbourhood has changed from shades of green to autumn golds and reds and oranges. There is a definite bite in the air and mittens were a must this morning.

Autumn isn’t coming. Autumn is here, in all her colourful glory, crisp and clean and smelling of rich, moist earth and apples and woodsmoke from the neighbour’s wood fireplace (a rarity in this neighbourhood).

It also reminds me that, what with near record-breaking amounts of rain (most rain since 1945!) we haven’t been tramping the woods as much as we usually do, and it is time to get back out there and see what the creatures we share our forest with have been up to. Have the beavers been building dams again? Have they built another lodge? How many trees have they taken down? Did the squirrel build another huge nest by the fork in the path?  A walk in the woods is long overdue.

What are you doing after school today?


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