Christmas is coming…

I know, it isn’t even Halloween yet, but you can’t escape it… Christmas is coming, and coming soon! The malls are already filling up with Christmas items, much to my disgust, and yet at the same time, I’ve already been elbows-deep in Christmas preparations around here. I have to be. There are only 86 days left.

(Or so my iphone tells me.)

You see, I am a crafter. You might have noticed we like to do crafty things. Lately, I haven’t been posting very many crafty things on the blog, mainly because the crafty things I’m making have to remain a secret for another 86 days. Christmas crafting has begun, and to tell the truth, I’m running a little late.

So far I’ve managed to finish a capelet for B, a seed stitch scarf, and this wonderfully drapey drop stitch scarf:

drop stitch scarf

Finished drop stitch scarf

As well as two felt board dollhouses:

Felt board doll houses in progress

If you subscribe to Living Craft magazine, you might recognize them (though I did them up as foldable playmats instead of on a stretched canvas frame). They’re designed by Melissa Crowe, who blogs over at Checkout Girl and has a fabulous Etsy shop where she sells her work and takes custom orders too.

Felt board dollhouse playmat folded up

Felt board doll house playmat opened up

They were much faster than I thought to work up and came out oh-so-cute. I think they’ll be a huge success — even before the first one was done, B was dying to play with it and she practically hovered over the sewing machine as I finished up the edges of the playmat and added the fastener. Now she’s begging for one of her own since these two are destined for cousins.

Today I managed to get the teacher gifts done, little post-it note holders made from acrylic stand frames, and they were so easy and inexpensive and look so cute now that they are done. I got the idea from sisterstuff.

post-it note holders for teacher gifts

To make six, you’ll need:

  • 6 acrylic stand frames from the dollar store, 3×5 portrait size (mine were $1 each)
  • 6 pads of 3×3 post-it notes (mine came in 2-packs, total $3)
  • 6 decorative pens (pack of 6, $1)
  • pretty scrapbook papers (from my stash)
  • ribbon (from my stash)

Making them is really simple.

  1. Remove the stock photo from the frame and use it as a template to cut your scrapbook papers to size. You could also have your kids draw pictures for their teachers, or use stamps to make a pretty design.
  2. Slide the paper in the frame. 
  3. Stick one of the post-it note pads on the front (just peel off the back paper and stick the notes right on the frame, they’ll hold nicely).
  4. Tie it up with a ribbon, insert a coordinating pen, and voila! Pretty and useful teacher gifts for under $2 each.

Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet? Are you crafting anything? Please do let me know — I’m still looking for ideas for a few people and would love some inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming…

  1. When in doubt just buy your sister gobs of chocolate. Or make those killer chocolate chip cookies and hide them in strategic locations around the house. Hint hint.


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