The Nature of Genius

The other night, we were discussing some of the geniuses of the world — Michaelangelo, DaVinci, and Einstein, among others, when B announced in all seriousness:

“They all died a long, long, long, long, LONG time ago, right Mom?”

“Right,” said I, to which she replied (with her hands on her hips and a very determined look on her face):

“You HAVE to tell me when Robert Munsch dies, Mom. You HAVE to! Because I’ll be very very very VERY FRUSTRATED!!! He writes the Best. Books. Ever!!”

Well! What is a mother to say to that???

For it is, in fact, absolutely true. Not only does he write the Best Stories Ever, he tells the Best Stories Ever too. I can remember going to see Robert Munsch perform some of his stories in person when I was young — anyone who has ever listened to Robert Munsch tell stories knows that it is truly a performance and not merely a reading — and the experience had a profound effect on me. Through his voice and his body language and his sheer enjoyment of the story being told, he brings a whole new level of joy to what many people see as just “reading aloud.” If you’ve never seen him perform and you get the chance, take it — even if your kids are too old, borrow someone else’s and go see him do his thing, for he truly does have the kind gift that only comes along once in a while.

Knowing how much it feeds the soul to hear from others how much you are appreciated, we decided to email Mr. Munsch (via his website) and let him know how very much we love his books. As a result of that email, Bob Munsch is now our very bestest forever and ever and EVER sort of author… You see, he emailed us back and told us that he has many more ideas and plans to write many more books. And that, to a 7 year old girl, was just the most perfectest ending possible.

The End.


4 thoughts on “The Nature of Genius

  1. I love Robert Munsch too! This is my first visit to your page and I haven’t thought about Robert Munsch stories in a long time. Thinking about his stories makes me very happy! I may have to go get some of his books again even though my kids are teenagers now.



    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Munsch is one of those authors whose books I’ll keep on my shelves forever. It will be interesting when the kids are old enough to have their own kids and want their favourite books – I may have to get all territorial on them just to keep the books for myself LOL! I hope to see you around here again. Cheers!


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