The Wilderness Downtown

Last night, we went to this website and typed in our address and proceeded to be absolutely enthralled by the little movie that resulted. Go try it — it only takes a couple of minutes and the rest of the post will make so much more sense once you have seen it for yourself (note: it works best with the Google Chrome browser).

The kids thought it was boring at first, until they started recognizing our neighbourhood and suddenly their entire worldview shifted from “why is Mom showing us this boring movie” to excited yells of “how did they do that?!! Are they outside our house right now? How did they get here that fast!”

An explanation or three later, there was only one last question as far as B was concerned: why can’t you see the kid’s face?

K informed her (in that all-knowing way nine year old boys have) “It’s supposed to be YOU!” 

She was genuinely outraged, her hands on her hips and her chin jutting forward. “How come they put ME in a movie and didn’t even ASK me if they were allowed???”

I admit it — I laughed.


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