I know, I know, “Kingstoning” isn’t a word. But it should be! Going to Kingston for the day is so much fun it deserves to have its own verb. A couple of weeks ago, we stopped in Kingston for the day, much to everyone’s delight. Our first stop was the waterfront, where there was a boat show in progress with all sorts of racing boats and cigar boats, birds begging for food, young ducks all in a row, and the sky… oh, that beautiful blue sky!

From there, we had lunch at the Kingston Brew Pub (Ontario’s oldest brew pub), and then it was off to Old Fort Henry.

If you have never been to the fort, it is well worth a visit. Beautifully restored and staffed by a wonderful and talented team of re-enactors, it is a sight to be seen. Last summer we were there for the U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Team visit, where they play and march alongside the Fort Henry Guard before ending the evening with a wonderful sunset ceremony, marching band, and battle (complete with musketfire and the roaring boom of the canons). This year, it was a daytime visit, and the kids opted not to join in basic training, but it was still great fun.


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