Granola bar redux

You know we love granola bars…

We adore them. We consume them in vast bunches. We make them over and over and over again, never quite the same way twice.

Today on the Globe and Mail’s website, they posted a video tutorial that has a completely new-to-us way of making granola bars! It’s a longer process than how we do them, but with maple syrup and melted marshmallows to hold them together, they’re really half granola bar and half Rice Krispie square without the Rice Krispies. (And you know how much we love Rice Krispie squares, too!)

Check out this radical new (to us) twice-baked-and-stirred-into-marshmallows version of granola bars. I dare you to watch the video and not get the urge to go make some right now!

(says the woman who’s heading off to her kitchen now to do exactly that!)


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