What do you do when your parents tell you that you are too young to get your own Facebook account and therefore can’t get your own Farmville farm? Why, you improvise, of course!

cardboard farmville

Start with a cardboard tray (from a case of Coke). Add an empty egg carton with the cups cut out to make hills, rocks, and haystacks. Mix in some real rocks (and paint them gray, just to make them match the rest of the farm, because somehow they are better that way). Fill a yogurt cup with fake flowers, and paint more on the ground. Soon you’ll have your very own Farmville farm*. Add some cardboard inserts from pantyhose painted brown and you have plowed fields that are just the right size for whatever you want to plant, and they’re moveable too, so you can plow wherever you want or return your fields to grass when you get tired of harvesting crops.

B spent several hours hard at work creating her farm. K wasn’t terribly interested at first, but then he realized he could make an army base for his army guys, and in the time it took to say “Do you have another box, mom?” he was off and running.

*No internet connection required.

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