Owls are a hoot!

This week, we’ve been reading about owls. This isn’t the first time we’ve read about owls; but it has proven to be the most thought-provoking book we’ve read about owls so far. A Place for Owls describes the true life adventures of Katherine McKeever and her husband at their owl rescue centre, and all the marvelous “characters” of the owls they were privileged to know. The book is written in language that is accessible to all ages, so even though this isn’t strictly a children’s book, it is a wonderful read for all of us. Aside from the story, the book is illustrated with beautiful pencil sketches that have made the body language of the owls come to life for us, and inspired no small amount of laughter and wonder, too.

I remember reading this book as a child, sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s night, listening to Dad’s expressive voice as he read aloud, chapter after chapter, and getting frustrated as he would read ahead a sentence or two and forget to say the words out loud. I wasn’t sure if my memories would hold true, and if the book would capture the attention of our newly minted 7 year old, but it has. Oh, how it has! Only three chapters in and B is dying to read the next already — she can’t wait to find out if Granny the spectacled owl is going to successfully hatch and raise a chicken (or if she’s going to eat it instead!) Best of all, the book is still fascinating for me all these years later, making it an easy and joyful read-aloud for the whole family.

Other owl books we’ve loved in the past include Owl At Home, by Arnold Lobel (who is the author of the fabulous Frog and Toad series). B started reading Lobel’s books on her own when she was 5 and they are still much loved. We’ve also read Owls In The Family by Farley Mowatt, a Canadian author and very talented writer. We will most likely read that one again soon since we’re back on an owl kick. Hoot, hoot!


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