Recipe for a Happy Garden

Start with a peat pot, a little soil (compost, peat moss, and vermiculite mixed together work well), and a few seeds.

Add water and sunshine, and don’t forget to peek inside the greenhouse to see if anything has sprouted yet.

Remind your children that seedlings take more than thirty-two seconds to sprout. Remind your children again that seedlings take more than thirty-three seconds to sprout.

Peek again. And again, for good measure. Then give yourself a stern talking to and try your best not to peek again until at least tomorrow. As a good example to the kids, of course.

Wipe the dirt off the kitchen table, sweep the dirt off the floor, mop up the spilled water, and refill the plant sprayer so you are ready to mist the seedlings regularly. But not too regularly.

Smile to yourself every time you walk by the greenhouse full of dirt only to find a child peeking in.

Peek in yourself, one last time before bed. Because there just might be green growing things in there.


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