Spring is a comin’… Oh yeah!

Today is officially the first day of Spring! We’ve been spoiled rotten by some unseasonably spring-like weather this year. Winter in Ottawa is cold. Very cold. And it lasts forever. Or at least it seems that way somewhere around mid-february when friends and cousins in the southern reaches of the USA call and tell me about their weather. But this year, we’ve been blessed with an unexpected bit of spring, just in time for March break when the kids are home for a week. I’m not going to let Mother Nature fool me, however. I know that we still have a few weeks of snow-covered lawns left. We still have at least one big winter storm due, if things hold true to form. But I am going to enjoy this little bit of spring while I can, and try to contain my excitement for the real thing until mid-April.

With spring comes little green growing things popping up around the piles of melting snow, old leaves, and bunny poo. It’s enough to start the kids asking “When do we get to plant the garden?” even though it is weeks yet until last frost, and to get me thinking about seeds, and sprouts, and what we want to plant, and where to plant it.

B helped me put together our indoor greenhouse. Or rather, B put it together mostly by herself, only needing a little help here and there to make sure it went together correctly. It’s a marvelous thing — dissassembles right down to small, easily managed pieces for overwintering in the garage, and holds up to 8 trays of seedlings.

B builds a greenhouse

Adding another level to the greenhouse

B finishing the greenhouse


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