Sew what?

We’ve been sewing around here. When the kids were younger, about five years old, I started teaching them how to sew. Though if I think about it, really they started learning when they were toddlers, lacing shoelaces through shapes with holes punched around the edges. But when they were five, we started working on real sewing skills.

It started with yarn and plastic canvas with a big plastic needle, then moved on to embroidery thread and a large darning needle, then on to felt, and finally fabric. Lately, the sewing tools have come out again. It started with a blue teddy bear that was acquired at the local country fair last year. You know the kind – cheap fake fur that feels nothing at all like fur of any sort (not even the decent face sort), and seams that develop holes almost instantly. They named him Blueberry, and he lasted almost an entire year before developing a hole in one of his seams. They brought him to me for repair, but I was occupied and suggested they wait until the afternoon.

They didn’t wait. They fixed it themselves.

A day later, they fixed a stuffed dolphin who had a small accident with a pair of scissors while his tag was being removed. They were so proud of their accomplishment, and their smiles showed it.

They’ve been so absorbed in the process of sewing things that I broke down and took them to the dollar store and we have put together a full sewing kit for each of them. They are delighted, both of them, and the sewing trend has continued. Every day this week, I’ve come around the corner to find K and B busily sewing all manner of items. Pillows, pockets, bags, scarves for stuffed animals, and even a green cape for the newly acquired Webkinz dog. Because apparently dogs need capes.

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