Busy, busy bees

Last week was a busy week, and somehow I’ve neglected to take photos along the way. I kept saying “I’ll snap a photo and then blog about it”, but kept forgetting the take-the-photo part of that equation, so I don’t have anything to show you. But I do have plenty to talk about!

The most noteworthy adventure was castle-building. A collection of cardboard boxes from cereal, cookies, crackers, and our shampoo and soap nuts delivery from Bare Organics led to a castle-building adventure. We lined the table in paper first and marked out clear spaces for K’s Castle Factory and B’s Castle Factory, ditto for the two friends we dragged along on this adventure with us. Having clear work areas was very helpful as it eliminated the “Hey! I was using that piece!” arguments, and made cleaning up a breeze.

The boxes were often shiny with printed designs, so we cut newsprint to size and glued it on first. Paint followed, and decorations. We used materials from our Junk Box liberally to create flags, windows, chimneys, guard towers and catapults (because every good castle needs a guard tower and a catapult).

What’s a Junk Box, you ask? Well, it is quite literally a box of junk. Those metal lids from frozen juice containers, milk carton caps, bread ties, clothespins, scraps of fabric and fancy papers, paperclips, chenille stems, the plastic pots from coffee creamers, craft feathers, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, old (clean) nuts and bolts, metal washers, even scraps of wood and nails and screws, or ordinary items such as toilet paper tubes or bubble wrap, yogurt containers, and lids off anything that can spare a lid. In short, anything and everything that catches a child’s fancy goes in the box. What do you do with a Junk Box? Make stuff. In our case, we constructed castles.

We also played at the park almost every day, since it is feeling extraordinarily spring-like around here despite only being the start of March. The kids found a dead tree just lying on the ground at the park, and the kids decided to try to stand it upright again by digging a large hole in the sand and trying their level best to raise the tree (which was a good 20 feet long!) to something sort of resembling vertical. It didn’t work terribly well, but they had fun trying. B splashed in the puddles under the swings and squelched home in soggy sneakers, much to her delight. By Wednesday the park had dried out considerably and, like magic, there suddenly were children everywhere. Summer is coming, and we can all feel it!

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