What we’re reading…

We read together. We read a lot. We read independently, curled up side by side on the couch under a mama-crocheted blanket or three. We read out loud to each other, taking turns book by book, page by page, or even sentence by sentence. And sometimes Mama reads out loud, with a child snugged up against each side of my ribs, warm and drowsy. We read obsessively, devouring everything by a particular author. We read eclectically, jumping from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to biographies, nursery rhymes to 300 page history books. We read a lot.

The past two weeks, we’ve been reading out loud together, a few chapters each evening, books from a fellow Canadian, Gordon Korman. Last week we read Why Did the Underwear Cross the Road? It’s a rollicking story of a fourth-grade trio trying desperately to win their school’s Good Deed contest only to have everything imaginable go wrong. It was great fun to read aloud together, and the kids laughed out loud throughout (always the sign of a great kids book).

This week, we’re reading Korman’s first novel, written when he was 12. Yes, that’s right, 12. While in grade 7, he penned what was to become MacDonald Hall: This Can’t Be Happening! The heros of the book, Bruno and Boots, have a positive talent for troublemaking. We’re only a few chapters in and the giggling has started already.

What are you reading? We’d love to know!


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